World Book Day Norm!

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welcome to the world of normHello. Long time no blah. There’s been/there is a lot going on. But just to tell you that Norm has been selected as one of the World Book Day £1 titles for 2016. Which is a massive honour.  And I’m … Read more

How to Draw Norm!

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how to draw NormDonough O’Malley, Norm illustrator supreme, has done a thing for The Guardian. And here it is…

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Must be Washed Separately

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may be washed separately front coverHow very rude of me. I’ve not introduced you to the brand spanking new book yet and it’s been out for a week already.  So ladies and gentleman, boys and girls….please give it up for…The World Of Norm: Must Be … Read more

May Need Filling In

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MAY NEED FILLING INSay hello to the first ever Norm activity book – The World Of Norm: May Need Filling In. While away those long car journeys by doodling, doing wordsearches, joining dots, quizzing and loads of other Normtastic stuff. Er, but only
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The Big Issue

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I wrote this article for The Big Issue called “Five Books Every Child should read before they’re 12”


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World of Norm TV Ad

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Telly advert for May Need Rebooting. On Cartoon Network and Disney XD for the next couple of weeks. And if you’re wondering who the irritating guy doing the voice-over (and all the voices in the background) is – it’s me. … Read more

The World of Norm news

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May need rebooting

Dear chums, once again I have been spectacularly rubbish at keeping in touch and updating you both on what I’ve been up to. I’ve been up to quite a bit.  Which is the main reason why I’ve been spectacularly rubbish.… Read more


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eiffel-tower-imageFun week this week. On Thursday I go to sunny North Berwick for the Lennox Author Award, along with fellow authors Cathy Cassidy and Barbara Mitchelhill.  It’s an award where the readers get to vote.  We don’t know who’s won … Read more


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Blackburn’s new six-a-side team, namely (from left) Cathy Cassidy, Jonathan Meres, Lauren St John, Laura Dockrill, Alex T Smith and Curtis Jobling

Biggest Bookshow on Earth Tour (from left) Cathy Cassidy, Jonathan Meres, Lauren St John, Laura Dockrill, Alex T Smith and Curtis Jobling

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately.  Well, I mean I’ve been around.  Just not on Facebooky-web-sitey-bloggy-type-things, that’s Read more

Where I write

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Does it contain any luxury items?  Original artwork from….read more about where the magic happens (on a good day) hereshedfrontRead more