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stockport grammar

On the 30th of April Jonathan Meres (the funniest man we had ever met) came to Merchiston Castle School and talked to us about ‘The World of Norm’ series. We all thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful event.  This was a hilarious 2 hours of our day and it certainly beat going to lessons!!   Douglas and Charles

Coming from a background in stand-up comedy, school visits are something I love to do, well that is, they don’t fill me with dread,  maybe it’s the performer in me.

Over the past few years, I have visited quite literally loads of schools, libraries and festivals and the feedback is pretty favourable, even though I say so, myself and usually goes along the line of “well that was something we didn’t expect from an author”.  Please have a browse through the quotes page and judge for yourself.

What’s involved?

The format is pretty  flexible but will include a reading, chatting, questions, madcap humour and there is no need for a laptop or projector – a good strong coffee is always appreciated!

I’m pretty darn flexible when it comes to age-ranges and stuff.

I’m happy to visit children from upper primary to lower secondary.

The length of individual sessions is usually about an hour and if desired, I hang around to sign books and answer questions.

Sessions can be combined with other classes.

It helps if the children are familiar with my books but not essential.

By the way I live in Edinburgh, so if your school is interested in me coming to visit and isn’t near Edinburgh, it would be more worthwhile for me to fit in a couple of sessions with a neighbouring school or library.

Learning resources for The World of Norm and Phenomenal! The Small Book of Big Words are available here

Below are links to feedback from schools I recently visited .  Have a read  if you want, to get a good idea of what I do when I visit a school.

Stockport Grammar School


If you’d like more information or to arrange a visit, then you can do so directly, via the contact page or by sending me an email.