Koala Calamity – Surf’s Up

Koala Calamity - Surf's Up

Well chuck another prawn on the Barbie and tie me kangaroo down if it isn’t the second Koala Calamity book, Surf’s Up! Dude, Bro and Squirt are on the loose again – only this time it’s Squirt’s baby sister, Squeak they’re after. Unfortunately for Squeak though, the trail leads to the beach. Can the gang chillax, ride some waves and still complete their mission? May contain sharks!”

You can purchase Surf’s Up  here – other book shops and libraries are available.

Praise for the Awesome Animal series

“Charming. Funny and exciting.” – The Daily Telegraph

“Very funny, action-packed animal adventure.” – The Bookseller

“This book is witty and wonderful.” – The Liverpool Echo