Johnny Meres – the actor

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I’ve had a few interesting jobs as an actor and here are just a few…

In the movie The Little Vampire I played the part of the teacher complete with terrible Scottish accent.

the Little Vampire movie

You can watch a clip here.
In the movie, Stony of Destiny I played the detective and got to drive in a really cool old car.

I’m also the main baddie in  3 zombie movies; Outpost, Outpost  Black Sun and  Outpost Rise of the Spetsnaz.

TV-wise I’ve been in lots of things including The 39 Steps,  Rab C Nesbitt and  Yo! Diary! (which I also wrote).

Back in the day, I was in all sorts of pop videos including Erasure,  Nik Kershaw,  PIL and Strawberry Switchblade  (ask your Gran!)