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eiffel-tower-imageFun week this week. On Thursday I go to sunny North Berwick for the Lennox Author Award, along with fellow authors Cathy Cassidy and Barbara Mitchelhill.  It’s an award where the readers get to vote.  We don’t know who’s won yet, but I’ve already been practising my ‘brave loser’ face. And North Berwick’s lovely. And not very far away.  So hurrah basically.  Then the next day I’m off to Paris for the weekend, courtesy of the good folks at The Roaming Schoolhouse.  Ooh la la!  Which, roughly translated, means ‘oh the the.’  Though why anybody would actually want to say that is beyond me.  Mind you, that’s not saying much.  Loads of things are beyond me.  Anyway the actual event I’m going to be talking at is on Saturday afternoon, which means I’m having to stay in Paris for two nights.  Quelle fromage.  No, that’s not right, that means ‘what cheese.’  Quelle dommage.  That’s better.  Find out more here http://www.r-sh.fr/news/may-2014/open-day-17-may-2014 And more about the award I’m not going to win here http://www.edubuzz.org/lennoxauthoraward/  Au revoir for noo…

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