From Hexham Literary Festival “I thought you’d like to see the feedback from Corbridge Middle :  ‘one of the mums has written to say that her son’s reading habits seem to have been transformed by Jonathan Meres – please pass this on to him if possible.  The boy, who is a reluctant and unconfident reader, has been glued to the book all w/e – no parental encouragement needed.  Plus he’s talking about the story and keeping them updated at the end of every chapter.  This has never happened to him before, so they’re delighted.’     And that’s why I love putting on the schools’ events!”

From a school in Liverpool:  Thank you Jonathan for your visit to our school earlier today! The children enjoyed themselves so much. An unexpected, spirit lifting afternoon.

From Abby P6:   You were so funny Jonathan
I will never forget your snowman poem!
Loved your visit.

From Gregor Hello jonny!!! thankyou for coming to see us yesterday I LOVED YOUR JOKES AND AUTHERS CAN BE FUNNY! I think your books are EPIC


From Merchiston Castle School: On the 30th of April Jonathan Meres (the funniest man we had ever met) came to Merchiston Castle School and talked to us about ‘The World of Norm’ series. We all thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful event.  This was a hilarious 2 hours of our day and it certainly beat going to lessons!!   Douglas and Charles

Thank you for coming to our school you are funny and fab. Brianna aged 9

Jonathan writes books for children and young adults. At first he told funny jokes and read some funny poems, and then he talked about his new book. I really enjoyed the talk and I got one of his books for him to sign. Darcy, Year 3H

The World of Norm is a very, very, very funny story about a boy who dreams he goes to the supermarket naked. I can’t wait to read it properly! Charlie, Year 3H

Longcroft School, Beverley

Deborah Marshall, Longcroft’s senior librarian, said: “The World Of Norm books are extremely popular with our students – hardly a day goes by without one either being borrowed or returned.

“It was a fantastic experience for our students to meet the author and see his enthusiasm on stage.

“His energy was infectious, as was the laughter he created.

“In a world of high-tech computer games, some students still see reading as being a less entertaining option but an author like Jonathan can change that opinion, which is why every single Year 7 student, whether they are old or new fans of his work, was given the opportunity to attend.

“It was clear from the reaction he got that the visit was a great success.”

Longcroft’s lower school librarian Hollie King said the session sparked an interest in reading, even among students who are usually reluctant readers.

Some comments by S1 on author
Jonatham Meres’s visit

Thank you for coming – you were so funny!  James

Thank you for coming!  You made me and everyone else laugh and I’m going to read your new book!  Robbie

you for coming to our school. I loved your talk and it was very
funny.  Mawgan

 Thank you
very much for coming – you were very funny and I will definitely buy
your new book – Alex

for coming to our new school to talk to us. It was so funny and you
are so random! Keiran 

 Thanks for
coming into Elgin Academy – you were very funny – thanks.  Chloe

                       Thank you for coming to our school.   I think you make a great actor and you’re really funny!  Brooke

Hi jonathan i saw you at Cumnock academy. you really inspired me i never new how fun an author could be!! better than maths anyway. Thanks. 

Great show. I saw you yesterday and all i can say is wow. Lots of authors are boring but you are on a different level ….in a good way of course!!
Aidan aged 11.

Perth High School

I thought your visit and talk was crazy and exciting.  I bought one of your books and look forward to reading it.  Lewis

 I enjoyed your visit; you were so funny.  I laughed so hard that day.  Your accent and jokes are still making my ribs hurt.  Liam

 Thanks for coming down to the school to see us.  It was better than expected which is a good thing.  I found it funny.  Jamie

 Jonathan Meres was funny and crazy.  He did a lot of silly things.  I would recommend Jonathan Meres for a visit.  Nimra

 I would love for you to come back to our school and I now read your books. David

 Even though I’m not a huge book fan and don’t read I found the talk very entertaining and interesting.  It was enjoyable and please come back again.  Daniel

 Jonathan Meres’  show is really fun and I did not feel bored at show time.  Jia

 I really enjoyed your visit.  I might start buying a few of your books.  Conor

 I thought your visit to Perth High School was absolutely fantastic.  Ross

 Thanks again for visiting.  The class have been talking about your visit all week. Mr Winton


I loved your jokes, singing and poems.
Oliver aged 9

I liked when you sang Franz Ferdinand because my parents don’t even know that song.
Chelsea, 13.

I thought poems were boring but yours were really funny.
Natalie, 13.

You would beat any writer in the world, you are funny and you do good impressions.
Joseph, 12.

You are not what we expected you were much better. Your poems were brill. Everyone wants you to come again.
Chelsie, 13.

I really enjoyed your talk because I expected some old, posh, boring guy but you were fun and entertaining.
Matthew, 11.

You were really cool and you have changed my thoughts about authors.
Glen, 12.

Hello, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the talk you gave at Cumnock Academy earlier on, our pupils were really involved in it and had a great time.  I got dragged along to it as a Geography teacher and was quite reluctant to go but had a great time!  I will be stealing some of your techniques too when I am teaching my classes I’m afraid.  A really enjoyable hour.

Hi remember when you came to St.Martins primary you were so funny i  nearly exploded please write back and i will write back again .
Michael, 10

I am reading Love Dad right now and i think it is really funny you are a star i wish i could be like you and thanks for the autograph for me . Could you reply back.
Aaron, aged 10.

I just wanted to say that i am still working on my book that i told you about. I will send you it when i am finished. We all enjoyed you because you were funny and really good and you got me into writing books.
Paul, 10

Hi u came to our school and there was a girl who almost wet herself. you are soooooooooooo funny.  How are you getting on any new books if so please tell us and i am sure we will like them.
Mairi and Katrina, 10.

I saw you at westwood library and i think that you were amazing
Iain, 10.

I thought you were really funny me and my friend lucy were going bright red with laughter.
Lucy, 11.

U were the best at our scool , the best ever.
Kyle, 8.

Dear Jonathan , thank-you sooo much for visiting the library on Saturday. The staff enjoyed the visit as much as the children and told me you were one of our best ever visitors – and that you even made your own tea !!!!! Thank-you on behalf of the children for a memorable visit.

Hi Jonathan, Just a quick message to thank you for your work on Friday with us – both visits went down very well, and I’m sure the pupils who attended will be inspired to read more of your books

Hiya jonathan you came to neilston library and i was laughing my guts out u r soooooooo funni rite g2g now cu soon hopefully.
Zoe, 9

U were awsome  and ur great with kids funny,cheery and u never lose anything to say  thanks for coming to the library.
Bex, 10.

I learnt that not all writers are full of themselves!
Nicole, 11.

You are not like other writers because you are fun and enjoyable.
Leoni, 12.

You have inspired me to read more books.
Raymond, 13.

It completely changed the pupils’ perception of authors and writing.  Jonathan made it sound enjoyable, rewarding and fun.  The children got so much out of it.  He made it seem ‘cool’ to write, which I think will be of benefit to the boys in particular.

It was valuable for the children to meet an author who was not like a teacher or a staid adult, but who was also funny and entertaining.  I was particularly pleased that Jonathan appealed to the boys and the effect that this will hopefully have on one or two more reluctant readers.
A.N.Other Teacher.