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Blackburn’s new six-a-side team, namely (from left) Cathy Cassidy, Jonathan Meres, Lauren St John, Laura Dockrill, Alex T Smith and Curtis Jobling

Biggest Bookshow on Earth Tour (from left) Cathy Cassidy, Jonathan Meres, Lauren St John, Laura Dockrill, Alex T Smith and Curtis Jobling

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately.  Well, I mean I’ve been around.  Just not on Facebooky-web-sitey-bloggy-type-things, that’s all.  So I thought it was high time for a bit of a catch-up.  Apart from putting the finishing touches to Norm 6 aka May Need Rebooting (out June 5th) and writing Norm 7 aka Must Be Washed Separately (out some time in October) I’ve been doing a fair bit of travelling over the past few weeks.  Hull and Sheffield back in January, Southampton, Portsmouth, Mansfield, Ayrshire and Stirling have all been and gone.  Not literally gone of course.  That would be weird.  And possibly quite a good story.  Anyway they were all lovely.  Met loads and loads of Norm readers, as well as hopefully making a few new converts too.  Marvellous.  What’s not to like? as they say.  Oh and then there was last week.  Which was just brilliant.  Monday saw me catching the half past stupid o’clock train from Edinburgh to Blackburn in order to take part in the official World Book Day’s ‘Greatest Book Show On Earth’ event in King George’s Hall.  Eleven hundred upper primary/lower secondary school pupils bussed in from all over the north west of England to see little old me.  Well, little old me and five other authors!  Namely (and in no particular order) Laura Dockrill, Cathy Cassidy, Alex T Smith, Curtis Jobling and Lauren St John.  We all did ten minutes each – which in my case consisted of five minutes mucking about, getting lowest common denominator laughs and five minutes talking about Norm – followed by a humongous signing afterwards.  Which is always great.  And not just for the obvious reason!  It’s just a fantastic opportunity to say hi and meet some genuine fans.  I’m not saying they were all fans of course.  Some of them wouldn’t have had the faintest idea who I was.  And quite possibly still don’t.  But hey, that’s bookbiz.  Oh and I was described in a review afterwards as being a ‘rampant ball of energy.’  First time I’ve been called that.

FIFE BIG BOOK BRAINS QUIZWhat else?  Well on Wednesday I hosted Fife Libraries ‘Big Book Brains Quiz’ in Glenrothes for (I think) the fifth time, or possibly even the sixth.  One thing’s for sure, it’s always lot of fun.  And this year was no exception.  A hundred and twenty six teams, who’d already done fantastically well to get to the final, all battling it out to become 2014 champions.  Followed by another humongous signing!   Followed by being whisked off to Edinburgh airport and hopping on a plane to London for a big posh publishing do that night and a meeting with ‘My People’ the next day in order to discuss marketing and publicity plans for me and Norm for the rest of the year.  Which is all very exciting by the way.  Watch this space and all that.  (Have I mentioned the Norm activity book, May Need Filling In, which is coming out in September?  No, I don’t think I have come to think of it).  Anyway blah blah blah.  Me me me.

MorayThis week I will be having a lovely drive up to Elgin, east of Inverness for three days of events at local schools.  Well, obviously local schools.  Otherwise that would be stupid.

Er, so that’s about it for now I reckon.  Hasta luego and all that.  Will endeavour to be slightly less rubbish at keeping you all in the ol’ loop from now on.  Can’t promise though.  Toodle pip for noo…

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