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How to Draw Norm!

13 October 2014 by , No Comments

how to draw NormDonough O’Malley, Norm illustrator supreme, has done a thing for The Guardian. And here it is…


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Must be Washed Separately

9 October 2014 by , No Comments

may be washed separately front coverHow very rude of me. I’ve not introduced you to the brand spanking new book yet and it’s been out for a week already.  So ladies and gentleman, boys and girls….please give it up for…The World Of Norm: Must Be … Read more


13 May 2014 by , No Comments

eiffel-tower-imageFun week this week. On Thursday I go to sunny North Berwick for the Lennox Author Award, along with fellow authors Cathy Cassidy and Barbara Mitchelhill.  It’s an award where the readers get to vote.  We don’t know who’s won … Read more

Where I write

30 January 2014 by , No Comments

Does it contain any luxury items?  Original artwork from….read more about where the magic happens (on a good day) hereshedfrontRead more

Final Day of Tour

25 January 2014 by , No Comments

Hull10 schools , 1400 children later. “I want a complete set of books for every class.” Read more here


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Hull – Day 3

17 January 2014 by , No Comments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACatching up with the daily blog for the Scottish Friendly book tour.  Here’s day 3.

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Hello Hull!

14 January 2014 by , 2 Comments

This week team Norm rock up to Hull and Sheffield as part of the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book tour courtesy of Scottish Friendly and the wonderful Scottish Book Trust.  I’m legally contracted to write a daily blog.  So, with that … Read more

Breaking News!

6 November 2013 by , No Comments

Delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new book, The World Of Norm: May Be Contagious, weighing in at a healthy 263 pages. Author and book both doing well.DSC01585Read more

Competition Gallery

16 October 2013 by , No Comments
Anna in Hong Kong

Anna in Hong Kong

Congratulations to the winners of Where in the world is Norm? competition.  Here’s a selection of  some entries.  Some from as far afield as Hong Kong!   By the way, Norm fans, don’t forget the 5th in … Read more

Competition – UPDATE

9 October 2013 by , No Comments

Thomas PooleHi everybody.  Sorry we’re just a teensy bit late announcing the winners of the Where In The World Is Norm? competition.  I’ve been a tad busy lately doing visits to schools and festivals all over the place, including Liverpool, Milton … Read more